The purpose of keyword analysis is to supply, sizable range of terms that are extremely relevant nonetheless less obvious to the desired input keyword. Here is the truth about Semrush Free Tool which you can use on a 7-day free trial.

What is Semrush Tool

According to Semrush Developers, people are always asking what is Semrush Keyword tool and what can they do with the software.

The Semrush free tool is an extremely efficient toolkit for affiliate marketers that acts to spot totally different trends that happen at intervals within your particular niche, distinguishing a range of keywords, carries out audits on your on-page SEO, check rankings and back links

In 2017 Semrush won the best SEO Software collection in the European, the United States and the United Kingdom Search Awards and is used by more than two million marketers around the world.


Semrush Free Tool – What Can You Do?

Just to let you know, you can actually use Semrush for free for as long as you want, the only problem with the free subscription is that you are limited to how many searches that you can carry out per day.

The beauty of using the free subscription is that you can use it for as long as you want and get a real feel how it works.

These are the things you can do with the free level

  • Carry out 10 queries per day within Domain and Keyword Analytics.
  • Only able to create one Project.
  • Able to Produce one SEO Content Template for the duration of the free account.
  • View Traffic Analytics samples for eBay, amazon, and
  • Create one list in the Keyword Magic Tool.
  • Set up one scheduled PDF report.

Want To Use The Powerful Paid Versions – This Is What You Get

  • Gain elevated limits on queries and exports.
  • Control multiple Projects at once.
  • Advanced Site Audit crawl limits.
  • Larger position tracking keyword limits.
  • More On Page SEO checker keyword limits.
  • More social media profile tracking limits.
  • Can add additional users to your account.
  • Extra scheduled PDF reports.
  • Historical data.
  • Product listing data
  • Score in SEMrush Sensor for own instability

Semrush Interface

This is where you keep/store all your campaigns launched to analyze domains’ performance with different tools.

Here you will need to understand what you get with your free account in particular how many searches can you can carry out per day.
An example of an understanding is that if you to search for a domain in the search bar and click number under the organic search area this will count as two searches and that you only be able to examine the first 10 keywords for a given domain this will be the same for other reports such as Backlinks, Advertising Reports whereas the pro version there will be 10,000 results for each search.
Meet Semrush Free Tool Interface


SEO keyword tracking tool

Project Interface Management

With Semrush Free tool level, you are limited to only one project. All projects serve as a domain and can be accessed by all of the tools in SEMrush.

This can work at the free level but in the end, you are more likely need to analyze more than one website.

To see your site’s health score and a number of pages with issues and how they have changed over the time you would choose the “Site Audit” tool as your primary tool as shown in the image below.

SEO keyword tracking tool

Just be aware reports and features tools do have restrictions. The 10 keywords that you are able to track are from the “Position Tracking” tool.
Here you Keep an eye on your national, regional, and local search engine positions for any keyword!

  • You can track your position for any keywordTracking Semrush Free Tool
  • Unearth local competitors
  • Put together keywords with tags
  • Aim at different devices
  • allows you to trace your website’s ranking for targeted keywords within the Google.
  • Visual side-by-side assessment of your rankings versus your competitors.
  • You can create tracking campaigns in different languages for any location.
  • You can to filter down to location specific data.


This is a powerful tool that can provide you with localized ranking data on a frequent basis. 10 keywords may not be enough for you to track whereas in the paid versions you get:

  • Pro level package allows for 500 keywords.
  • The Guru package provides 1500 keywords.
  • Business level provides 6,000 keywords.

Site Audit Tool

Another tool to be found in the Projects interface is the “Site Audit” tool that allows you to crawl a specified domain, sub domain or subfolder and obtain an accurate assessment of your site health and any SEO issues so that you can improve on and maintain them. I tried it with one of my sites and found I had to go back to it as it had many issues.

The Site Audit tool will find out the most critical errors, notices, and warnings related to a domain. Whilst working on fixes issues found, you can compare tracking and reporting progress in two crawls side by side.

With this you can get reports that will help you find and correct any on-site problems and help optimize your SEO it will:

Autit with Semrush Free Tool

  • Analyze your site’s health with SEO analysis tool
  • Rank SEO problems and choose what to fix first
  • It will track your SEO optimization improvements
  • Locate and repair hreflang errors
  • Carry out HTTPS checks and security of your website.
  • Expose all possible Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) issues



Keyword Magic Tool

With this tool , you’re ready to build your own most valuable SEO or PPC campaigns. Generate over 2 million keyword ideas. Use Keyword Grouping to phrase your keywords by topic. Unfortunatly not availabe with Semrush Free tool version

Choose the simplest keywords and save them in Keyword analyzer. Export your designated keywords to alternative SEMrush tools produce up to fifty target keyword lists.

Keyword Magic Tool

  • Able to generate over 2 million keyword ideas
  • Group Keywords to divide keywords by topic
  • Choose and save the top keywords in keyword Analyzer
  • Able to export your selected keywords to other SEMrush tools
  • Set up to 50 target keyword lists



SEO Pricing Plans


Pricing Plans Semrush Free Tool

Pro,sSemrush Free Tool

  • Easy to use Interface
  • Easy on the eyes
  • Lots of data
  • Excelent for checking compettion


  • For those who are just starting out would find it expensive.
  • Limitations on projects and kewords


Semrush is very useful tool. I have trialled the free version and found the interface very easy to use. It found numerous errors on one of the sites that I used for this purpose. So I would advise you to give the free version a run and get a feel for it.




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